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We worked for months now to achieve the perfect crisp, sweet pastry base for our tarts. You’ll find them here on the weekends, differing according to the season. We also make triple layer cakes, Valrhona chocolate brownies and the best Eccles cakes this side of, well, Eccles.

Apple Turnover Our own puff pastry folded over a mix of Cox’s apples, cinnamon and sugar (from High House Farm whenever possible, usually September – March).

Friand A small almondy cake with a piece of seasonal fresh fruit.

Pastéis de Nata A traditional Portuguese tart made with puff pastry and custard, cooked at a high tempterature to ensure a crisp crust and caramelized top.

Butter Tart A Canadian delicacy of buttery pastry, raisins, pecans and maple butter filling. Similar to pecan pie.

Pecan Brownie Made with 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, whole pecans, this is a fudgy dark brownie.

Gibassier A breakfast pastry from Provence, gibassiers are made of an enriched dough studed with orange peel and flavoured with anissed and orange flower water. Hot out of the oven they are brushed with clarified butter and sprinkled with sugar.

Eccles Cake Our version of the Lancashire classic. Our puff pastry jam-packed with the best Voztizza currants, a mix of spices, Armagnac and brown sugar. Amazing with Lancashire Cheese.

Palmiers Puff pastry and sugar rolled into a leaf shape and crisped and caramelized in a hot oven.

Doughnuts Our own lemony enriched dough, fried in peanut oil and filled with either raspberry, rhubarb and redcurrant jam or fresh custard.