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Classes and vouchers for 2013

New for 2013, we are launching a range of classes and tours. We are starting with a bakery tour and a sourdough baking day, but more days, including chocolate and pastry classes, and an advanced sourdough course, will be launched very soon!

Also, we have gift vouchers available in store or over the phone – the perfect gift for someone who has everything, or who would enjoy making their gift last throughout the year, loaf by loaf!

Pump Street Bakery Tour

Artisan baker and Pump Street founder Chris Brennan will take you on an exclusive tour of the bakery showing you the specialist equipment and explaining the techniques we use to create their perfect sourdough loaf.

Beyond a simple tour, this session will serve as a brief introduction to sourdough baking, giving you a good overview of the process and allowing you to get your hands on some dough, taste the results and even take home an active sourdough starter if you want to continue baking.

On the tour Chris will explain the basics of sourdough baking covering the care and feeding of a starter, preferments, dough hydration, mixing, fermenting, shaping, retarding/proofing, slashing and baking.

You will have the opportunity to taste a variety of the sourdoughs produced by the bakery and to work with a premixed dough to shape a loaf. Chris will bake some of their signature Vermont loaves so you can see the raw dough transformed into a baked loaf.

The Tour lasts 90 minutes and tour size is maximum 12 people.

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