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Pastry and Café Jobs Available


We are welcoming applications to join the team at our small, family-run bakery and café. This is an opportunity to learn more about real bread and to work in an exciting, dynamic and award-winning independent business.

We have vacancies in both our pastry team and our café team.

The pastry team is focused on using the absolute best quality ingredients to consistently produce world-class pastries. The successful candidate will have experience working in pastry and will be dedicated to detail and interested to learn new techniques.

A keen interest in food and hospitality is essential. Café team members must truly enjoy interacting with customers and be ready and enthusiastic to learn about our bread and the food we serve. Experience with waiting tables is highly beneficial.

Successful candidates will have a proven record of being hardworking and responsible in previous jobs. Ability to work under pressure is essential.

Employees who show potential will be given management training and/or professional development opportunities.

Pay will be competitive and calculated depending on experience. Weekend work is compulsory. If you have any questions, or would like to apply by submitting a cover letter, CV and two employer references, please contact me:

Please indicate on your application whether you would like to apply for a full time or part time position, and the hours you are available.

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